Sports Thread – Premiere App for Tournament Organizers and Student Athletes | NewsWatch Review


If you’re a student-athlete, or you run an amateur sports tournament, then you need to know about Sports Thread.

Partnered with Adidas, Sports Thread is the premiere App for tournament organizers and for student-athletes to showcase their talents and connect with college coaches, team members, parents, and fans.

Sports Thread is a social media application and software as a service platform for the youth sports market. There’s something for everybody in youth sports.

For fans and the broadest product offering, whether you’re a youth athlete trying to promote yourself to a nationwide audience, a kid who wants to go college, or if you’re a parent who needs to organize team snacks or what time to be at the game through the team chat, you can use Sports Thread’s app or software.

What’s unique about Sports Thread is regardless of who you are, we have something for you in the youth sports market.

The biggest feedback given is that there are hundreds of thousands of users in the application. Currently, there’s an Android and iPhone app that will continue launching explosive growth in 2020.

Get started using Sports Thread today by downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.