DRUID – Testing for Marijuana, Alcohol, and Prescription Drugs in Employees | NewsWatch Review


You often hear the phrase “don’t drink and drive,” but there are a lot of other factors that could impair someone’s ability to drive or impact their overall performance at work, like medical marijuana or prescription pills.

DRUID tests for impairment from just about any cause including marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, and even fatigue.

The test is fast and takes only about 2 minutes. It works a lot like a video game, except in this app, a high score means you better be careful. Unlike drug tests that detect the presence of drugs in your system, impairment testing measures the effects of those drugs.


After all, some people might be taking necessary prescription drugs and simply need to make sure they’re not taking more than is safe.

You can have employees use DRUID to help regulate their dosage and make sure there is no evidence of impairment before driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in other dangerous activities.

This is the perfect tool for employers who aren’t concerned with enforcing a drug-free policy but want to make sure employees are in good shape to do their job, especially when that job involves operating equipment.

Test your employee’s fitness today by heading to druidapp.com