16VIT – Supplement Line Design by Gamers for Gamers | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

The gaming industry is booming, and while companies are focusing on the latest and greatest in controllers and gaming chairs and just about any accessory that can give you that competitive edge, there’s one company looking at helping gamers on a more basic level.

16VIT is a supplement line designed by gamers for gamers. You see, gaming is a lifestyle and that means you need to live the best life you can, and your health is part of that.

16VIT products use proven ingredients in easy-to-take and great tasting gummies to supplement and enhance your gaming experience. While we could cover daily supplements like Start, Continue, and Blink, let’s focus on one of their newest supplement – RESET.

16 VIT

Spending long hours in front of a screen can seriously mess with someone’s sleep routine. RESET is designed to naturally help you fall asleep using melatonin. Blending melatonin with a few other natural ingredients, RESET helps your mind slow down and settles your body into rest mode.

There’s no need for chemical aids or other potentially dangerous solutions. 16VIT is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund their full launch into the gaming world.

For more information, head to 16VIT.com or search for “16VIT” on Indiegogo.com.