Manage & Win Football – Compete Against Other Football Teams in this Multiplayer Game | NewsWatch Review


Are you the perfect blend of strategy fanatic and sports fiend? Are you looking for a new skill-based game that is built on skill and not chance?

Manage and Win Football is a free and multiplayer game that allows you to compete with your own Football team against other managers from around the globe. Build your team to take on any challengers.

Master your team’s tactics and formations by means the unique zero randomness algorithm built specifically for this game simulator app.

Manage & Win Football

If you’ve developed your team and trained them well, you’ll only win if you’ve got just the right amount of competitive edge.

Discover and unlock the unique and different 48 players within the game. Staying true to its RPG roots, Manage and Win Football includes special power-up cards.

Unlock these power-ups and play them in the middle of a game to crush your opponent. There are over 40 cards available that give your team improvements for a limited time, including in Defence, Attack, Ability, and Fitness.

Updating regularly, the game will eventually allow eSports athletes to monetize their time and skill while they play. Their vision is to democratize the Amateur eSports.

Download MANAGE&WIN from the App Store and support their revolutionary project in Indigogo.