Patch Tarot – Bright Modern Tarot Deck | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Tarot is an oracle of wisdom disguised as a deck of cards.

This mystic practice allows anyone to gain insight into their life, answer any question, and today is used for personal transformation.

Now, it’s time to update it for our modern lifestyle. Patch Tarot is quickly becoming one of the most popular tarot decks in the world and is accessible through the Patch Tarot app.

tarot cards

Not only is the deck modern, accessible, bright and fun, but it’s also all deeply rooted in the traditions of many ancient practices, from Astrology to Kabllalah. Gain answers to everyday questions about your life and focused direction for self-reflection and meditation.

This modern approach to self-discovery has been fused into the Patch Tarot app and the physical Patch Tarot cards are brought to you by the insightful minds at Spirit Science.

In addition to the fulfilling experience of Patch Tarot, there are also hundreds of educational and entertaining videos directly on the Spirit Science YouTube channel.

Aligned with the mission of Spirit Science to make spirituality accessible, the Patch Tarot app gives the user the experience of tarot directly on their mobile device.

To download the app today, simply search for “Patch Tarot” in either the App or Google Play Store or visit