AxEnd – 3D Touchless Control and Solutions for the Future | NewsWatch Review

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The future is here and if there’s one thing that gets us excited, it’s awesome tech that pushes us forward.

AxEnd is one of the companies working on some of the futuristic tech we’re talking about.

This startup venture is currently developing future radio frequency and wireless communication systems.

We’re talking stuff like 3D touchless control and solutions for the next level of human and computer interaction technology.

AxEnd’s AeroSense radar is a new technology that uses an innovative method of radar sense that enables the detection and interpretation of human gestures and hand motions.

This new and futuristic tech will allow for revolutionary forms of interaction with just about any device including computers, TVs, smart homes, and much more. There are currently no products on the market with the same capabilities using radar technology for human and product interaction.

Now, AeroSense is radar-based so there are no cameras involved and zero privacy issues to worry about.

It’s simply the next phase in allowing you the ease of 3D Touchless control and so much more.

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