Dog Waste – Clean Up After Your Pet with GoodWag

Consumer Update

When it comes to pets, dogs are simply the best. There’s undoubtedly a small faction that would disagree (read: cat lovers), but I’m sure there’s hard science to back up my biased claim. I mean, you don’t have a dog as cute as my boy Max and not live and die by the “dogs are our best friends” motto.

That being said, cleaning up after our furry friends is possibly the worst thing ever, second only to placing your hand on a hot stove. It doesn’t help that the typical way to pick up your dog’s waste is with a plastic doggy bag wrapped around your hand. Thankfully, there are alternative products to dog waste bags that take the gross factor out of it – products like GoodWag.

dog waste bags

GoodWag backyard pail is a new pet waste removal system that serves a dual purpose. First, it’s a pooper scooper, not unlike other waste scoopers you’ve seen around. But where other pooper scoopers end, GoodWag begins. Usually once you’ve got the stuff scooped, you’re then tasked with figuring out where to dump it.

You could add it to a waste basket that’s reserved for other things, only that’s gross. You could chuck it over your fence into the neighbor’s yard, but that just makes you a bad person.

GoodWag is not only a pooper scooper but also a pail for your dog’s waste. A simple flick of the wrist and your waste is in the pail – done. You’re able to pick up multiple messes in your yard in a matter of seconds.

The pail is lined with plastic bags made of plastic-free materials that are both compostable and biodegradable. Not only is it immediate storage for dog waste, but it’ll also store for up to a week before you have to transfer it into a trash can. This will save you from constantly having to make trips to your big trash can every time you scoop up.

A purchase of GoodWag backyard pail comes with six months’ worth of pail-liner bags. The handle also comes in two different sizes – a short and a long handle, which helps those who aren’t keen on bending too far down.

GoodWag offers extra-long walking doggy bags for when you’re on a walk and not at home. These dog waste bags are made of the same compostable materials as the pail-liners, because, honestly, who wants dog poop to remain in non-biodegradable plastic for all time?

If you’re ready for a more convenient, less messy pet waste removal system, then check out GoodWag backyard pail at