Contact Center – How to Do it Right with The Workforce Pro

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Customer service is often regarded as the make-break of any company and for good reason. You might have an amazing product that every consumer wants to buy three of, but if your customer support system is lacking, or worse, off-putting, then be prepared to shutter your operation in very short order.

Some think it’s enough to simply establish a contact center that can field calls or engage in live chat, while others think as long as they’ve implemented call center software they’ll be just fine, but that’s a limited view of what you can accomplish with a robust contact center or customer support system.

The Workforce Pro is a leader in contact center success solutions, providing the tools you’ll need to create the ideal customer experience. Their success stories with clients run long, owing to their years of experience in implementing systems that work.

The founder of The Workforce Pro, Ty Givens, is one of the most sought-after strategists for contact centers, working with an endless who’s who of companies in e-commerce, healthcare and retail. Along with her team, she is known for her ability to resuscitate a company by addressing their one crippling flaw – sub-par customer service.

The Workforce Pro is not a one-size-fits-all solution. They craft customized plans for each company that’s designed to sort out their unique problem. If they are starting from scratch with no contact center or even live chat support, then the first step is getting the company set up with the best call center software or CRM tool, whichever makes the most sense.

Now, let’s say a company already has call center software or a CRM tool that they’re using to field customer service requests. The Workforce Pro team works with the company to optimize the experience, working out any kinks or rough spots, and streamlining for the best system. A large part of getting things ironed out is establishing the proper team to utilize the call center software. What good is software if you constantly run up against user error?

The best way to look at Ty Givens and her team is as your customer experience business partner. Often, it’s not enough to simply scour the internet for the best software to support your call center. You need something more. You need a guiding light to help you maximize your workflow and deliver the best customer experience you can.

The Workforce Pro is in the business of doing just that. See what they can do for you by visiting