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Consumer Update

Camping gear, fishing tackle, windproof tents, outdoor gear – these are words that might seem foreign to the city folk who need cement beneath their feet and an Uber ride merely a tap away to feel safe. But there’s a vast untamed world out there replete with dirt, rocks, trees and an infinite landscape waiting to provide the perfect backdrop to your adventurous spirit.

It’s not enough to merely shed the necktie or kick off the heels to feel truly ready to brave the great outdoors. We need a lot more than that if we’re going to do it right and survive to tell the tale. You need a trusted brand in outdoor gear to outfit your entire operation.

Woods is a Canadian company that has seen their fair share of evolution in camping gear in the last 130 years they’ve been in business. I believe when they started people were still using their shirts as tents and catching fish with their bare hands.

camping gear

Woods is practically synonymous with outdoor gear thanks to their wide array of reliable products from A-frame style tents to super-warm flannels and bomber jackets. Check out their site to get a look at all they have to offer. For our purposes, let’s highlight a few choice items from Woods.

What’s camping without a sturdy tent to keep you safe and warm while you sleep? Woods offers a line of traditional A-frame style tents that feature the most modern advances in tent technology including lightweight aluminum poles, large no-see-um mesh panels for ventilation and a fly with much-needed rain protection.

When you’re not sleeping or hiking or fishing, you might need to sit down. Why settle for the dirt or an uncomfortable rock, when you could settle into a Mammoth Chair? These chairs offer the best in comfort and are even good enough to fall sleep in. Don’t let the size fool you, this bad boy folds up into a carrying bag for easy transport.

What are you going to do with your catch from an afternoon of fishing? Cook it, of course. Woods’ two-burner stove allows for simultaneous cooking options thanks to individual controls for each stove as well as folding wind shields that protect flames from blowing out every time the wind decides to kick up.

Now, all of these outdoor gear products simply don’t hold a candle to the Ritual Coffee Set. If you can’t do without coffee (raise your hand if you’re part of the human race) then this one has you covered with an anodized aluminum coffee press, stainless steel coffee grinder and zippered carry bag.

Check out WoodsCanada.com for all your outdoor gear and camping gear needs.