Employee Scheduling App and Remote Communication Tool – Connecteam

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Managing employees in any company is hard enough but operate a business where you have to manage non-desk employees out in the field, and you’ve got a potential for chaos. Remote operation adds too many variables and lack of control/coordination for it ever to be a good idea. Unfortunately, some of us have no option but to operate that way.

Luckily, there are a number of employee scheduling apps, work schedule apps, employee hours trackers and other digital solutions to keep the entire company coordinated even if the majority of the employees aren’t physically in the building.

Connecteam is probably one of the better platforms out there that allow tight coordination and communication for remote employees. Connecteam is currently operating in a number of companies that employee non-desk employees like bus drivers, cleaning staff, etc. and with its all-in-one capability, these organizations are able to execute their daily workload smoothly.

As an employee scheduling app this means managers can assign employees to specific tasks in one central platform where everyone can see relevant information related to each job. Employees have access to everything they need to remain visible including a time clock, individual and group chat, a full employee directory and even an ongoing news feed for important company-wide announcements.

As you may have guessed, Connecteam is so much more than a work schedule app. The chat feature ensures all relevant work communication occurs on one centralized platform used by the entire company. It doesn’t matter if the company is made up of 5 employees or 5,000. It’s infinitely scalable and capable of holding multiple chats between individual employees or entire groups or departments.

If the recent COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, we must have access to reliable remote communication in order to continue our business operations when we can’t physically be in the same space. Connecteam has proven to be one of those reliable platforms that is more than just an employee hours tracker but a platform that embraces all organizational tools a company might need to continue to coordinate and communicate no matter where they are.

The popularity of this all-in-one app continues to grow as businesses find an increasing need for remote management. Thousands of companies are currently using the Connecteam platform which has probably seen a significant uptick what with the recent global quarantine.

You can sign up for Connecteam and get started with a free trial by heading to Connecteam.com.