Internet Radio – Discover Music from Every Decade with Radiooooo


Time travel may not have been invented yet, but there is a special sort of time travel that we already engage with on a daily basis. I’m talking, of course, about music. Throwing on a specific tune tends to transport us back in time to an exact memory, deep in the recesses of our mind, or even a time when life was simpler. It’s the magic contained in the art of music. It’s a powerful thing, really.

Despite the plethora of music streaming services like Spotify or internet radio platforms like Pandora (online and offline) available to just about anyone, no platform seems to fully embrace this nostalgic element and time-capsule quality of music. That’s why Radiooooo caught our attention.

Radiooooo is a unique platform that allows users to discover music from all corners of the world and from any decade. I’m not just talking about some golden oldies from the doo-wop era or big hair music from the glam 80s. No, I’m talking about a long timeline of available tunes stretching as far back as 1900.

I know you can easily access Spotify or Pandora online or offline to access your favorite music, but what about discovering music from other cultures and other time periods. I mean really discovering. Radiooooo was designed around this concept.

You start with a map of the world. You can select what part of the map interests you musically. Click on the United Kingdom if you don’t want to go too far out of your wheelhouse, but if you’re looking for something truly diverse, click on Persia or Sudan.

After selecting the location, go ahead and explore different decades. The Radiooooo music selection goes all the way back to 1900 and is divided by decade. So, if you’re wondering what the FM radio was playing in Germany in 1960, this is where you’ll get your answer.

Radiooooo lets you get even more specific with your selection, allowing you to choose the mood of your music with options like “Slow,” “Fast” and “Weird.” You’re going to want to select “Weird” to truly broaden your musical horizons.

Personally, I like to just throw it on shuffle and take the ride, like my very own time-traveling FM Radio. Any songs that catch my ear are liked and kept in my personal playlist. I’m not a musician but this unique internet radio platform even has the option of uploading your own music.

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