Latest Technology News and More with AppsContinuum


Staying up to date on current events and other pertinent news items is easier now more than ever thanks to the proliferation of smartphones. That being said, there’s no clear path to get your news as there’s somewhere on the order of 40 trillion platforms that exist to read up on the latest technology news, entertainment news, etc.

AppsContinuum is a start-up that specializes in a series of news apps, each one delivering the news unique to a particular field cleanly and through a few different methods of delivery. There are numerous types of phones, like those carrying Android and iOS, and AppsContinuum’s more than 25 apps work on all of them.

If your field of interest means you are obsessed with reading the latest technology news, movie news, health news, science, sports, etc. then this series of apps is right up your alley. Each one is divided up into three methods of news delivery, allowing you to consume news the way you prefer.

The first section is what you would call a traditional newsfeed with links to informative and in-depth articles on a specific topic. If you’re in the latest technology news app, you might see specs on new types of phones or updates on the Android OS or reporting on tech companies acquiring smaller startups.

The second section is for those that prefer a visual medium for their news consumption. This is your video feed with reporting on various news bits like you might find on Facebook or on Twitter. Again, this video feed will include videos that are particular to that app.

Lastly, there’s the social media feed. There’s only so much information you can gather from articles and videos made through a singular point of view. Sometimes you want to know what the masses are saying. This social media section of the AppsContinuum app gathers relevant Twitter posts on a particular topic in real-time. This is how you gain a glimpse into what the online population is saying.

While certain apps try to include all news crammed into one app, AppsContinuum has found a way to divide those fields of interest into their own unique app. Despite the large number of apps available for download on iOS or Android, they have made the experience relatively painless. There is no sign-up process and no need to plug in any of your personal information when starting. And thanks to the information that people are reading or viewing being stored online, these apps take up little space no matter what types of phones people are using.

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