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Consumer Update

Shopping for home or auto insurance isn’t fun for anybody. Never mind that there are an endless array of home and auto insurance companies vying for your business with ads and “save with us” promises. It’s confusing to say the least and super hectic at the very worst.

So, if it’s a jungle of insurance serpents trying to convince you to switch over to their company and their plan, how do you really make sure you get cheap auto insurance or the best home insurance plan? Well, you need a one-stop shop that allows you to see all the accurate information from across the endless parade of insurance companies, so that you can make an informed decision. You need a platform like Gabi.

Gabi is an unbiased third-party insurance shopping comparison engine designed to help you find the best possible price from home and auto insurance companies. Gabi is especially useful if you already have coverage and are looking to keep things the same, just at a lower price.

It doesn’t take long to get up and running with an informative search that compares the best prices across the vista of competing home and auto insurance companies. You’ll be able to secure insurance quotes within a matter of minutes.

“Give us 2 minutes and we’ll match your current coverage with multiple providers to get you the best price, period,” Gabi’s website reads. “No bait and switch, just transparent rates and savings.”

The process is purported to be extremely easy. Simply log in with your current insurance and then let Gabi go to work. Within only a couple minutes you’ll receive comparison rates for free – all on one platform without all of the forms and phone calls you usually have to endure when shopping for cheap auto or home insurance.

Now, sometimes the problem is you just don’t have enough time or patience to chase up all the insurance quotes that’ll show up the best deal. Gabi compares up to 20 quotes from home and auto insurance companies. You simply peruse the various quotes and settle on the cheap auto insurance or cheap home insurance that looks right. That’s it. Simple, fast and it saves you money.

If you’re tired of shopping for insurance for your home or vehicle, it’s time to let someone else do it for you. You can get started with this simple, free tool today by heading over to Gabi.com.