Home Healthcare Made Easy with Homercares


After being discharged from a hospital or other medical facility, it’s very common to be sent home with instructions for home care. If you’ve ever had a procedure or surgery of some kind, you know what I’m talking about. The nurse hands you a print-out and you’re expected to understand the instructions given to you when you’re not necessarily at your sharpest.

It’s a lot to ask of a person who’s lucky if they can even keep track of that piece of paper all the way home. It helps when the person has some sort of home care assistance like that provided by home nursing care, but that’s rare. Most of us are left on our own to try and make heads or tails of our home care instructions.

Homercares is a browser tool that tracks all of those hard-to-remember details for you. Homercares effectively handles all the administrative duties of a home nursing care or other home care assistance. This is where you can schedule appointments, manage medications, log symptoms and whole lot more.

Now, this is not simply a third-party service made by someone with little understanding of the healthcare industry. Homercares was created by a team of RNs who were looking to streamline the experience of taking care of your health needs at home. Instead of constantly referring to a print-out, you need only log in to the Homercares site and look up all of the steps for care management.

Think of it like a one-stop platform for everything you need to keep track of including medications. The medications section is where you or your designated agent can track your medications with instructions on when and how you should take them.

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Homercares added a telehealth Zoom feature that allows users to engage in telehealth appointments with their care team instead of heading into the office.

They’ve also created a YouTube channel that allows providers to post instructional videos for self-care management, allowing you to follow along, or for a loved one to provide the home care assistance you need.

The platform comes complete with a translator feature to make it easier for just about anyone to use. The idea is to provide home care assistance for anyone who needs it, so it helps that there’s more than just an English option.

You can find out more about the Homercares platform by visiting Homercares.com.