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With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of digital information, not to mention the inclusion of digital payment in nearly every financial transaction, identity theft is at an all-time high. With every major step forward in the world of technology, there’s a shadow advance in black tech designed to exploit that step forward.

Identity theft protection has to be factored into your daily life if you are to keep your digital information and your very identity safe. ID Strong provides one of the best identity protection solutions out there, as well as a robust credit monitoring service to help protect your financial information and identity.

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ID Strong monitors black market websites, chat rooms, social feeds, public records and millions of other data points strewn across the vast landscape of the internet, in an effort to detect even a whiff of your personal information being compromised. Being the best identity theft protection solution on the market, ID Strong also offers a credit monitoring service by way of monitoring credit bureaus, and thus your “financial identity.”

They scour the internet finding any sign that your personal or financial information is being bought, sold or traded. If any red flags go up, ID Strong will notify you immediately. This then kicks the call center and restoration support team into gear. They will help you attack the problem head-on with guidance on exactly what actions to take to restore your identity.

The website includes a free scan option to see if you’ve got any compromised info online. This is a smart idea if you’re on the fence about signing up or not. You’ll see this option available to you right in the middle of the home screen of their website. Simply do the free scan, see where you are at in terms of compromised identity and then make a decision based on the results.

With 1 in 4 people having experienced identity theft, protection is a must. That’s millions of people being victimized by internet black hats, which is why investing in the best identity protection isn’t merely an option but a necessity. Not to downplay it, but simply changing your password every now and then isn’t the best identity protection solution. ID Strong is the little digital security angel you need.

If you’re interested in one of the best identity protection services available, then you can’t go wrong with ID Strong. Check them out at