Find the Solution to Public Parking with the Japa App


I hate finding parking. I hate it with a passion. Now, this doesn’t mean I hate parking, but I certainly hate driving around in circles in a densely populated area, searching desperately for a parking spot. This is increased to the power of 10 when I have somewhere to be at a specific time. The sight of a no parking sign is enough to make my blood boil.

And if you think that’s a rant, I’m just getting warmed up. Ok, ok, I’ll spare you the rant, especially because there’s a solution to finding public parking near me. The invention of the mobile app has brought with it a plethora of parking solutions but not all deliver on the promise to help you navigate around the dreaded “no parking sign.” One of the best digital parking sign guides out there is Japa.

Japa is an all-encompassing parking solution for when you find yourself driving in circles downtown. If you know where you’re going to be, you simply plug in the address and Japa will find all the parking available to you in that area. This allows you to plan ahead and remove any unnecessary stress. And while most of us are happy to have a consumer-friendly app to help find “public parking near me,” Japa also takes care of the business side of this problem.

The Smart Parking Management Solution allows businesses to monitor and gather analytics from their on-site parking garage, lot or other parking spaces. This gives at-a-glance updates on their real-time parking situation. Parking changes on the fly and at a moment’s notice, so if you can stay up to date on what’s what and what’s available, you can make moves accordingly.

parking solution

All of this data is collected, automated and streamlined for every single parking space. This data is then consolidated into an assimilable format and delivered clearly to all synced desktops, tablets and smartphones. Japa can be integrated with any existing parking system and uses specialized smart parking sensors to gather minute data from every spot.

This means no wasted spaces and the ability to provide accurate information to those drivers looking to park. That’s how you really solve the problem of hard-to-find parking, by tackling it from both sides.


The Japa app is free and available to download in the App Store and Google Play. You can also find out more about Japa and their Smart Parking Management Solution by visiting