Being confined at home has been such a challenge for everybody no matter the age, we have been in need to develop a lot of new hobbies and abilities to enjoy our free time.

Internet is the best option since the possibilities are limitless for kids and adults, maybe you’re from the ones who enjoys to sleep or chat with friends but there’s a lot of more activities that maybe you haven’t thought and could help you to have fun and try new thing for free.

  • Try new recipes

Are you a kitchen lover? Or at least a foodie?

This option is great for you since most of the restaurants are closed and deliveries are just not the same, internet is full of delicious and easy recipes! Just decide what you want, buy your ingredients and start cooking!

Hopefully you’re going to enjoy the process or at least the final product, include your kids to have a whole family experience.

  • Learn something new

A lot of websites and universities are offering different types of online courses even for free, just find the list, decide what’s interesting for you and take them!

Keep your brain active while learning is one of the best ways to have a productive quarantine.

  • Exercise

Take advantage of this time at home to work out!

Internet have a lot of workout videos and routines that you can play for free, find something that makes you feel good and entertained. When you work out your brain secretes hormones and neurotransmitters that makes you feel better and happier, they also help you to sleep well. So, why not?

  • Start a DIY project

There’s a lot of things you would have done if you had time, right?

It’s the perfect time to finally renovate that old table or transform you t-shirt into a new one, the internet is full of new ideas that you can apply in your house, garden, closet and even jewelry. You will feel great and satisfied when you see the results and far from spend money you will be saving a lot doing everything by yourself.

What if even having fun, you can earn money?

Nowadays internet has a lot of ways to gain money, of course you already know about online jobs and the different sites to do it, but these days you don’t want to have stressful extra occupations.

There are another sites to earn while you have a nice time playing videogames for example. But if you are a gambler internet has something for you, have you tried the popular online casino games?

If you enjoy betting, playing cards, jackpots, slots, roulettes and so much more in a traditional casino, you should try it. A casino experience at home, perfect for this time when we shouldn’t go out but still want to do something funny and new to our routine, even better if it comes with extra money effortless.