Car Sunshades from Kinder Fluff – Protect Your Kids

Consumer Update

The intensity of the sun blasting through your window when you’re driving is not only uncomfortable but it’s dangerous too. Now imagine the effect of the blazing sun on your little ones in the backseat. This can have bad consequences to say the least. Car sun shades should be built into cars, but unfortunately, they’re not.

Luckily, there are car sun shades available that will protect your little ones from the ill effects of that burning star in the sky. Kinder Fluff is probably one of the best available on the market today. In fact, it’s a best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. This particular car window cover works to block out more than 99.7% of UV light. That’s better than most car sun shades you’ll find floating around online. And it’s a lot better than relying solely on a car sun visor, especially since those are only available in the front seat.

sunshades for kids

This level of UV light protection is due in large part to the thickness of the material. Despite the thickness crafted into the material in each shade needed to block out the harsh effects of the sun, the Kinder Fluff car window cover is semi-transparent allowing you to still see out the window. This is the best of the car window covers for kids who are especially fair-skinned.

If you need something a little more transparent there’s an option available. In fact, the transparent car sunshade is promoted as an option for the driver’s window to help dampen some of the effects of the sun without lowering visibility.

Beyond the knock-up job it does of combatting that ball of fire in the sky, Kinder Fluff car window covers are easy to install. Simply wipe the window down with a damp cloth, ensuring it’s clean. Then place the car sunshade in the position you want it and give it a gentle swipe across. It’ll stick to your window without the need for suction cups or any adhesive. That means no yucky residue left behind when you peel it off.

It’s reusable and easily moved around. You also have the option of folding the car window cover or doubling up as need, depending on the size of your window. Let’s see a car sun visor do that.

You can read more about the Kinder Fluff car sunshade at or head over to Amazon to purchase.