By: Nick Gambino

User profiles have been a long-standing feature on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but for some reason Prime Video has never added the convenient system by which many of us separate out our viewing preferences. That’s no longer the case as Amazon has just announced that they’re rolling out the feature for all users.

Every user account will get up to six different user profiles, allowing multiple users to keep their viewing history and habits untampered with. This means each person will also receive their own Prime Video experience, complete with recommendations that, hopefully, are particular to their unique taste in TVs and movies. The first of those six profiles is the main user account that every profile is linked to.

Unlike Disney+ and Netflix, user profiles won’t have the ability to create or assign their own special avatars. This is more in line with the system that Hulu uses. Well, that’s not entirely fair. There is a little colorful non-descript “avatar” circle attached to each profile. You can’t change it though. You don’t even have the option of changing the color. You can, of course, type in a unique name, so this is where you’re going to want to be creative. Think bowling alley names.

The new feature includes the ability to create a profile for kids. This allows you to set certain restrictions based on what you do and don’t want your kids to see, as well as restrictions that will protect your wallet. Each kid profile counts toward your six total profiles.

If you’re ready to set up additional user profiles, you’re going to want to go to your Amazon home page and click “Prime Video” up top. Click on the upper-right corner and you’ll see a drop-down menu with an option to “Add new.” Click that and you’ll be able to assign profiles. This is where you’ll have the option to label it a kid’s profile if you want.

As with most new features on any large platform, multiple user profiles are rolling out bit by bit. If you don’t see the capability yet, be patient. The new feature will be available soon.