Find Out Who is Where with the Oosout App


Heading out on a Friday night is always a toss-up. You never know what bars are hopping and which ones to skip altogether.

Well, with the Oosout [pronunciation: who’s out] app you can scope out the bar scene before you head out for the night.

Oosout lets you know exactly which bars are doing what so you can make the best choice, without having to drive around town to try and find a place!

Scroll through the feed or search for a specific bar to see who’s out and which bars are bumping – no matter if it’s inside or outside on the patio.

Want something a bit quieter? No problem. Want something loud and energetic? You can find that too.

Bar owners and bartenders can also post in the app. Up to 5 workers in a single bar will have the option of updating their profile so you can see the current scene in that particular establishment.

They can even advertise ongoing special events and entertainment by posting dynamic real-time videos.

Download the Oosout app and pick the best bar to complement your night before you leave home. The Oosout app is available to download in the App Store.