Last Will and Testament – How to Execute with EstateExec

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When someone passes away there is an understandable period of grief for those who were close to the deceased. Unfortunately, there is also a need to execute the last will and testament and take care of the administrative functions of executing said last will and testament.

Thankfully, with the introduction of digital tools and online platforms, this process is a lot easier than it once was. The average estate executor who has to work through sorting out everything in a last will and testament or even a living trust, finds themselves putting in hours’ worth of work. That work is easily somewhere on the order of 600 hours.

Some brilliant minds figured out a way to simplify the entire process of getting the affairs of the deceased put in order. EstateExec is an online app that was designed to make the executor process as painless and as simple as possible. In other words, it helps rather than add to the burden of grief. With the ease of executing wills online on an easy-to-use platform, executors can dramatically lessen the amount of time they need to put into the process.

The online software allows the executor to calculate the overall estate value and track all the needed details that, without a tool like this, would be quite overwhelming. It includes the ability to track things like assets, expenses, transactions and distributions. The bigger the estate, the more work there is that goes into tracking these massive details. EstateExec is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

It’s a completely customizable tool for executing wills online, allowing you the option of generating a full tasks list that’s particular to the last will and testament and that estate. This list would include due dates and other important details regarding each task. You also have the option of generating PDF reports both for your records and to share with other relevant parties.

There’s an added benefit for anyone using EstateExec and looking to carry out the details of a living trust or a last will and testament. The online wills software includes a ton of discounts on services that will see the user saving upwards of hundreds of dollars on a single will.

The loss of a loved one is fraught with emotion, there’s no reason to add to that burden with the headache of sorting out an estate and all of the cold details that accompany it. EstateExec saves time and energy for both loved ones and executors.

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