As more people are now shifting to working from home, many are now accepting the fact that this practice is not an ideal choice for them. When this happens, their best option is to work in a coworking space like Novel Coworking Minneapolis. The goal is to work at a pace that would allow for productivity, and one way of achieving that is by having a host of technology. Here are some of the technologies that would help optimize a coworking space:


Of course, coworking spaces must have the Internet because it is actually the core of their business offering. However, it should be more than just the Internet. Firstly, it should be fast because we are already living in a fast-paced world, and this is exceptionally critical for freelancers and startups who have a constant need to be the first. Secondly, it should be reliable. Again, people rely on their Internet connection to “connect” them to their clients, potential investors, and projects. Having an Internet connection that consistently fails or slows down whenever there is a high volume of usage is a hassle. Lastly, the Internet connection must be secure at all times. Coworking spaces are responsible for ensuring that a client’s confidential data will not leak out or that they won’t become victims of phishing attacks or distributed denial of service (DDoS), which can disrupt operations.

One thing that can set apart a coworking space is its focus on cybersecurity. Make sure that your connection is encrypted. It would also help to have each member operate on a segmented network that allows them to create their own password.

Coworking Space Access

In a coworking space, people can come and go. Flexibility is, in fact, one of a shared workspace’s main selling points. For many, accessibility is an added perk. While it is, it can be challenging for coworking spaces to implement this. In your typical office building, you may have a security guard manually logging people’s movement. In a coworking space, this is not ideal. It is essential to incorporate numerous technologies to make this process as seamless as possible.

Providing an access card is okay, but if you want to take things further and creatively, providing an access pass using smartphones is ideal, since there is a lesser likelihood of misplacing mobile phones. It would also be a nice added feature to provide each client with a dashboard where they can book and schedule the use of event spaces or meeting rooms.

Giving personalized access to your building also ensures the security and protection of each member since there is an assurance that only members and their guests can enter the premises.

Automated Customer Relations Management

An automated customer relations management (CRM) system is a definite must-have for any coworking space since it helps them monitor and engage with their members the easiest way possible.

Automating the process allows you to maximize your resources and focus on more valuable tasks. Connecting your CRM with the member dashboard can let your floor managers streamline the processes within your system. It is also helpful security-wise because such systems can allow for automatic cancellation of access once the membership expires.

The age of technology is already upon us, and it is only a matter of time before it will take over our daily lives. Embracing it and finally choosing to incorporate it with operations can bring in more benefits. Not only will it improve processes, but it can also increase customer retention, which can eventually improve your business’ bottom line. Remember, those who are first will definitely benefit the most.