Power Tool with Style – fanttik

Power tools are a handy way to complete any substantial renovations. While they’re super convenient, to many they are also intimidating. That probably has something to do with their off-putting design. They are fashioned to be cold and distant. We get enough of that from people, do we also need it from our tools? The people over at fanttik don’t seem to think so.

Fanttik has created a slick new electric screwdriver that rivals pretty much any clunky, old tool on the market. The idea behind all of fanttik’s tools is to make them practical and robust without sacrificing style. I think they use the word “elegant” to describe their tools. They want people to discover the fun of DIY and not be turned off from the hardened look of traditional power tools.

fanttik screwdriver

Their premier product that’s gaining popularity is the NEX L1 Pro screwdriver. People are saying this is the next-gen power tool you’ve been waiting for. What people? I don’t know, but it sounded good. In all seriousness, the NEX L1 Pro looks like the perfect electric screwdriver for someone like me. I’m far from a skilled laborer. If you asked me to pass you a screwdriver, you’d probably end up with a wrench.

This new and improved, stylish power tool has been suited with the strongest rare earth motor this side of the galaxy. It might look slick, but don’t be fooled, this is raw power in the palm of your hand. It’s got a variable speed and electronic brake, giving you ultimate control over the full power of the NEX L1. You’ll wield this electric screwdriver like the hammer of Thor. See, there I go again, confusing a screwdriver with a hammer.

It also sports 6 torque settings, allowing you to screw faster and more efficiently depending on the needs of your project. These settings are easy to flip through on the digital interface that lets you see and handle everything at a glance, something you don’t get with most contemporary power tools. While versatility and power are nice, it all means nothing if you don’t have the power source to give it the juice it needs. That’s why they’ve outfitted this thing with a large capacity lithium battery that’ll have you drilling for hours and hours until you’ve worn out that hand of yours.

DIY home renovation projects can be tough, so it’s good to have something that shoulders some of the work. That’s the NEX L1 Pro electric screwdriver. You can purchase yours at Indiegogo.