ARC287BC is Changing How People Interact with Their Commutable Life

Consumer Update

Muscular degeneration and other debilitating conditions can make it difficult for many to obtain a full range of motion that allows them to experience the joy of certain activities like riding bikes. The circular range of motion required to pedal excludes people with these conditions from participating in the exercise and sheer joy afforded by bikes.

There’s been an ongoing demand for an alternative solution to riding bikes that isn’t exclusionary.  Until now that’s all it’s been, with bicycles coming in one standard model and that’s it. You can barely find any hybrid bikes that account for this section of the population. ARC287BC seeks to change that with their patented Motion Transfer Mechanism or MTM technology.


This advanced technology was designed for the physically challenged, especially those with joint or back problems. It allows them to interact with activities that until now were impossible. It’s quite brilliant in its simplicity and widespread applicability. The MTM technology uses up and down motion and incorporates it into an existing system that usually requires circular motions.

Take a bike for instance. Some people can’t obtain the full range of motion required to pedal and put the bike in motion. By incorporating MTM into the bike, they need only use an up and down motion with their legs to spin the wheels and drive the bike forward. Every downward exertion of force produces 30% more torque than that of a circular motion. That makes it a lot easier on the body.

And if we’re talking bicycles, applying this technology means the person can once again ride to their heart’s content because there are finally hybrid bikes that take them into account. With up and down pedaling, we open up bicycles to a large section of the population that has been denied the experience until now.

MTM isn’t only applicable in bikes. It can be used in a variety of applications such as in flying objects, canoes, paddleboats, and three-wheelers. If it requires pedals or can be modified for that kind of power generation, then MTM will partner with it easily. Cycling and other adaptive vehicles are now accessible to everyone with the innovative MTM technology.

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