Make Finding Your Dream Home Simple with Purlin

Tech Report

If you’ve ever searched for a home to buy, you know how overwhelming it can be just to sort through all available homes on the market. It’s especially hard when your search tools don’t understand YOU and exactly what YOU’re looking for.|

Purlin figures out what you like and need using an artificial intelligence engine.

Buyers can search homes by architectural style, specific rooms, and backyards. They could look inside the “modern kitchens of high-end Malibu homes for sale” for instance.

The idea is to make homebuying easy and enjoyable while AI is doing all of the heavy lifting for you.

By starting with the visual, using millions of images to train their AI, their software is designed to find what users like so that they can deliver precise matches that fulfill buyers’ needs and wants.

This isn’t simply an engine cranking out listings or leads.

It’s a personalized peek inside of homes, to find, compare, save and share rooms and backyards of homes for sale.

Purlin’s AI also supplements the best possible agent experience by using Natural Language Processing and decision science to guide the potential buyer all the way to owning their dream home.

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