Let Your Candles Melt Evenly from the Outset with Candle Toppers

Consumer Update

Candles are a great way to make your home feel cozy, but their biggest downfall is when they don’t burn evenly and start coring, especially with 3-wick candles.

That’s where Candle Toppers come in.

Instead of carving the wax, trying desperately to preserve the aesthetics of your candles, or creating unattractive tin foil caps, these special Candle Toppers allow your candles to melt evenly right from the outset.

They come in a variety of fun designs that add to the aesthetics instead of taking from it.

You can choose from a traditional design like a monogram or tree of life or something fun like a spiral or seasonal topper as a gift for yourself or others.

There are over 100 options to accessorize and save your candles. Every one of their steel candle toppers is handcrafted and built to last.

Each one is made from locally sourced steel to limit environmental impact.

All left-over steel scraps are recycled, continuing their mission to reduce waste.

With excellent customer service and high-quality products, this family-owned business is the kind of operation we love to highlight and support here at NewsWatch.

You can buy your unique candle toppers today by heading over to Candle-Toppers.com.