Rely on User-Friendly, Fraud Protection Software with Clixtell

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Are you paying for Google Ads or PPC marketing in one way or another? Whether for your own company or as a marketing agency?

Well, if so, then there may be a problem in the PPC marketing sphere you’re not aware of: Click Fraud. Competitors, bots, hackers, and click farms, clicking on your ads, cause damage to your business by forcing you to spend money on fraudulent activity.

1 out of every 4 clicks has been identified as fraud, costing businesses around the world billions of dollars every year.

Clixtell is a reliable and powerful automated click fraud protection, user-friendly software that enables you to secure your Google Ads budget and ward off click fraud.

By helping to optimize PPC campaigns through rigorous monitoring of all click activity, smart detection of fraudulent clicks, and fast IP blocks within Google, you’ll regain control of your marketing budget.

Gain unparalleled insight into your vistors’ behavior with Clixtell’s session recorder and analyze their entire journey from search, through ad click, website browsing, and conversion.

Not only will you prevent the further loss of money through a marketing budget sieve, but you can also rest assured your campaigns are performing at peak efficiency, bringing in fresh business for you and your clients.

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