Measure Your Oxygen and Stress Levels with the iFeelWell App

Tech Report

Stress is a constant in our lives. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, our stress levels have skyrocketed as we constantly worry about the safety of our loved ones and ours.

Unfortunately, research shows that stress may directly affect the level of our immunity.

iFeelWell is an app and an oximeter designed to teach you simple but effective stress relief breathing exercises.

iFeelWell App

iFeelWell relaxation exercises are driven by your heart rate obtained by a smart oximeter which simultaneously helps you to monitor your lungs and heart condition – two key Covid-19 indicators.

The breathing exercises are so fun and simple, helping you to harmonize your heart, mind, and lungs to reduce stress, help you sleep better, relieve any tension, and improve your focus and immune system.

iFeelWell also helps you monitor your oxygen level at all times and improve your health condition through videos, meditations, and fun games.

By routinely activating your body’s natural relaxation response, you’ll find this natural state easier and easier to tap into.

Track critical Covid-19 vitals, sleep better, and boost your immune system by incorporating iFeelWell into your daily life.

Find out more about how iFeelWell can improve your mental and physical health to fight Covid-19 by visiting today. Be sure to use coupon code, ‘NewsWatch’ at checkout and you’ll receive a 5% discount.