Have a Quality Paddle by Your Side with Sanborn

Consumer Update

A trip down the river in a trusted canoe provides a tranquility and connection with nature like little else in this world. But traversing waters as a non-amphibious species, we have to really trust the tools that help us navigate the water. That’s especially true of your canoe paddles.

Sanborn Canoe Company knows how important it is to have a quality paddle by your side.

Each Sanborn paddle is crafted by hand using simple tools and bears the craftsman’s signature to assure you that the time was taken to create a paddle that serves you well in your adventures.

sanborn canoe

The hardwood used in its construction allows for a lifetime of use.

The design includes a splash of color and, because they’re hand-painted, no two paddles are ever the same.

Now, the Sanborn Canoe paddle isn’t only designed for functionality. It also stands as an art piece unto itself.

Display it in your cabin or home and allow it to elevate your living space.

Whether you’re looking for a tough, high-powered workhorse or an elegant, lightweight traditional blade, Sanborn Canoe Company has the perfect handcrafted paddle for you.

You can purchase it today by heading on over to SanbornCanoe.com.