Print On Virtually Anything with the Handjet

Tech Report

Despite the proliferation of digital technology in nearly every aspect of life, the technology of printing is going absolutely nowhere. There’s a constant need to print things, and not just on paper in the office. Think of product packaging, fabrics and so much more.

That’s where Handjet comes in.

This is a super cool printer that can print on virtually anything. It’s pretty wild and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Think of something you want to print on and the Handjet can handle the job – cardboard packaging, concrete, and building materials, wood and wood-based products, metals, plastics, fabrics, textiles, pipes, and on and on.


The Handjet uses a wide variety of built-in and true type fonts.

Print low-resolution graphics, logos, and barcodes.

Dynamic texts are a cinch, allowing you to seamlessly print multiple unique formats like real dates and times, counters, etc.

You can even create a multi-line project with 5 text lines. Easily adjust the font type and size on the clear LCD screen, while objects can be moved in vertical and horizontal directions.

Imagine printing anytime, anywhere, and on anything. Brand virtually anything with this simple-to-use handheld printer.

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