Krakatoa Coffee

By: Nick Gambino

Coffee is part of any properly balanced diet. At least it is for many of us who depend on that beautiful brown (or black if you drink it straight no creamer) elixir to get our day started. Anyone who knows their coffee knows that not all coffees are made equal. The pendulum swings from excellent all the way to sewer quality.

Krakatoa belongs most definitely in this first category with their fresh, delicious take on everyone’s favorite morning beverage. The Krakatoa Coffee Company is a black owned operation that promotes “A flavor eruption in every cup.”

When you buy coffee straight off the shelves of your local market, you’re lucky if it’s not old, taking up residence on that dusty shelf for weeks if not months. Krakatoa is always fresh and is delivered directly to your door, sweetening the pot.

They sell a variety of fresh, roasted to order flavors like Cinnabun and Mexican Chocolate as well as classics like French Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice. Their signature blend “Original Roast” is particularly good and is available in 12 single serve coffee capsules compatible with K-cup brewers.

Now, it’s the holiday season and there’s a good chance many of you are looking for a coffee to complement your candy-striped pajamas. Well, you need look no further than Krakatoa’s Holiday Blend. Take some of the best tastes from Brazil, India and Peru, mix them together in one aromatic blend and you’ve got this fresh-roasted batch of goodness.

“A medium/dark roast with notes of chocolate, brown sugar and nuts with just a hint of lemon and fig,” the website describes the Holiday Blend.

If you’re looking for ground coffee, whole bean or single serve cups, Krakatoa has some of the best flavors around. And though you’ll come for the coffee, you might as well check out some of their other inventory while you’re there, including color-changing coffee mugs.

Krakatoa has built a reputation for high-quality coffee that rivals anything you’ll find on your local market shelves, and with the convenience of no-contact delivery, it easily edges ahead of the competition.

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