Give Your Kids the Ultimate Ride During Playtime with Pony Up Daddy

Consumer Update

If 2020 has given us anything positive, it’s a lot more time to spend with our kids.

Well, mom and dad, if you’re looking for a great new twist on an age-old game, look no further than Pony Up Daddy.

This interactive saddle toy was designed for moms and dads to give their kids a super fun pony ride.

The pretend pony ride goes back generations and generations and never gets old.

This is the newest evolution in fun play, guaranteed to produced loads of smiles and laughs.

Put away those electronic devices and strap on the saddle for a grand ol’ time.

Great for a leisurely ride around the living room or as a bucking bronco experience for older kids, the Pony Up Daddy securely straps around mom or dad without sacrificing comfort, with knee pads for additional support.

Crafted with strong and durable neoprene, it’s designed for wear and tear and plenty of use.

This fun saddle comes in a variety of colors, including Princess Pink, Sheriff Blue, Raider Red, and Captain Camo.

It’s one size fits most, so just pick your color and go.

Purchase the Pony Up Daddy saddle this holiday season and add some wholesome fun to family playtime by visiting