Build Your Own Automation Tools with The Bot Platform

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2020 brought a sudden shift to remote working, and a need to connect employees using communication channels like Microsoft Teams and Workplace From Facebook. But, how do you customize the experience with bespoke tools that help your staff work as effectively as possible?

Well, solutions like The Bot Platform can help.

While the thought of creating your own digital automation tools might seem overwhelming, especially to those of us with zero coding skills, The Bot Platform empowers you to create your unique bots without writing a single line of code.

Build your own work tools for HR, IT, Internal Comms, and Digital Transformation teams with ease.

Maybe you’re looking to automate help desk inquiries, encourage staff recognition, drive employee innovation, or even onboard new starters.

If the process can be automated, using The Bot Platform lets you easily build the necessary tools to do it.

You have the choice of building your automation tools from scratch or you can simply start from one of the platform’s editable templates.

Again, you don’t need any knowledge of coding. Envision the process and create the bots to handle the work.

You can then launch them into the platforms your employees are already using like Microsoft Teams or Workplace from Facebook.

Once you’ve launched your bots, use the resident analytics tool to measure how they’re performing.

Automating your business has never been easier.

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