Take a Trip to A Historic Paris with Time Traveler

Consumer Update

There have been many disputes over whether time travel is possible or not. Stepping back in time to see how those from ages past lived is something we’ve only dreamed of. Until now.

Time Traveler Co. has created immersive virtual reality travel experiences by way of their one-of-a-kind Time Travelers VR-viewers, which is an amazing gadget for all lovers of Paris to experience some of the most iconic sites in the city of love.


This is the world’s first line of mass-retail VR travel-themed products that easily allows you to leverage the compact, user-friendly nature of the smartphone to immerse you in 360-degree VR content, allowing you to travel with this portal to Paris.

You can transport yourself to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in 1889 during its inauguration for the World Fair or the Louvre Palace and Gardens at the start of the 17th century.

You can also see the interior of Notre Dame Cathedral as it was just before it was destroyed by the fire in 2019 – and won’t allow access for many years to come.

Time Traveler has worked with historians and collaborated with the Paris Visitors Bureau to authentically recreate the most stunning views of historic Paris.

With a foldable lens that can adjust to any smartphone with iOS or Android – available in beautiful cases with 3 collectible designs – this makes for the perfect Christmas gift for your family.