Add Interactive Overlays to Your Live & VOD Content with Promethean

Consumer Update

With digital media, interactivity is not only possible but necessary to engage your audience and stay relevant.

This was simply not possible through mediums like TV. Now it’s all about driving clicks at the right moment through actionable content. The best way to do that is to create highly visual content with interactive video overlays.

Promethean allows you to do this with ease.

Create highly customizable and relevant overlays that pop up during the key parts of your broadcast when it means the most.

PrometheanYou can add donation links during live broadcasts at the moments when viewers are most likely to click through and donate – the moments when they feel the most inspired.

Or easily add Facebook or other social media links, live polls, interactive stats, and more.

Promethean provides a 360-degree overview of your overlay campaign performance as well as traffic analytics so that you can measure the precise impact of the campaign.

With just a few clicks you can design powerful interactive overlays customized to your unique audience – and with a few lines of code to your website or app, you’ve created an interactive experience for your audience.

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