Securely Share Drafts of Legal Documents from Anywhere with Oui Agree

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The back-and-forth negotiations of contracts is time-consuming and cumbersome and existing online tools don’t have the legally binding collaboration tools for hashing out details in today’s remote work environment.

Oui Agree is an easy-to-use tool that works with any version of Microsoft Word, on any platform, from anywhere allowing you to securely share drafts of legal agreements with multiple remote parties.

Once shared, all involved have the option of constructively negotiating the agreement or contract until they build consensus.

By hashing out the details with easy-to-use tools that allow for editing and annotating each section, you can quickly build toward a final agreement ready for signatures.

Private messaging allows for communication on more sensitive details while public annotations and comments are seen by all.

When a section of the agreement is finalized, password protection prevents unauthorized editing. If you need to edit further, all parties have to enter their own passwords to allow for it.

Oui Agree is the Microsoft Word tool for easily collaborating on legal agreements in remote work environments.

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