Free Up Space by Organizing and Storing Your Skis with Ski Hanger Rack

Consumer Update

There’s nothing quite like hitting the slopes with your trusty skis strapped to your feet.

But storing them is a lot less fun. Skis are awkward and take up a lot of space.

What you need is a Totti Button Ski Hanger.

This convenient Button Ski Hanger was designed to store more skis in a smaller amount of space.

The unique, patented design means you don’t have to store your skis by their tips or tails, avoiding damage.

With this handy storage fixture, your skis are held above the ground by the binding toe piece.

Think about it, if the toe piece is strong enough to hold a ski boot, it’s certainly strong enough to support the ski.

As long as your skis have an alpine binder, the Totti Button Ski Hanger can store any style, including rockered skis, race skis, twin tips, even kid skis.

This is the first time your fat rockered skis will store alongside your skinny carving skis and kid skis.

Made in Utah, the mecca of skiing in the U.S., the Totti Button Ski Hanger finally solves the problem that accompanies owning your own skis.

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