Byron’s Games are Inspiring Kids During Their Hospital Stay

Consumer Update

During a month-long stay in Chicago’s Children’s Hospital, Byron Siragusa, just 6 years old at the time, was inspired to create games to help kids learn and have fun during their hospital stay.

That inspiration resulted in the creation of Byron’s Games and through its fun and educational board games, helped children explore their passions.

The first game created was Continent Race.

Focusing on national flags from countries all around the world, Continent Race helps kids learn where countries are located, their capital cities, and teaches them about our world through a fun, fast-paced board game. Continent Race is currently a top-selling educational game on Amazon.

Next up, Byron set his sights on math. MATH SPRINT – The Mental Math Game helps boost kids’ skills in the basics of math; specifically, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Players win by advancing their runner by solving math problems. Along with Wild cards, Word Problems, and Coach Tips this game helps set kids on the right math path.

Both games have received rave reviews and a portion of the profits from the games benefit select children’s charities.

You can purchase Continent Race or Math Sprint along with their new music game, Maestro Mastery, on Amazon or by visiting