Make Your Coffee Even More On-the-Go with COBA Coffee Bars

Consumer Update

While coffee is – at the risk of sounding biased – absolutely, completely amazing, it’s not always convenient to walk around with a cup of hot joe.

What we need is a more convenient way to get that jolt of caffeine whenever we need it.

COBA Coffee is the pick-me-up you need when a cup of coffee just isn’t an option.

This coffee bar combines the bold taste of coffee with the mouth-watering texture of chocolate.

Each bar contains the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee, only this one fits in your pocket or bag, ready for whenever you need it.

That and you don’t have to worry about spills, burned tongues, or lukewarm coffee.

COBA Milk is the original milk coffee bar. It’s smooth like milk chocolate but with that delectable hint of coffee, and of course, the caffeine to help you wake up in the morning or during that afternoon slump.

If you’re looking for an option with no animal products, check out COBA Black, the vegan coffee bar replete with activated charcoal for additional benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a more convenient way to get your coffee fix, try COBA Coffee bars.

You can purchase yours at Coba.Coffee today.