CES 2021

By: Nick Gambino

CES 2021 is rolling toward the finish line and the first-ever digital version of the electronics show has not failed to excite!

They may be hosting the event in a digital venue this year (can you guess why?) but that hasn’t stopped companies from showing off a wide array of new tech goodies from the awesome to the downright weird.

Unfortunately, because of the digital format, we’ve not had a chance to get up close and personal with any of these products, as in earlier years. NewsWatch has always been on the ground reporting live from Las Vegas every January. Well, COVID times call for COVID measures, so at least we’re on our computers reporting live from the internet.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things we’ve seen on the tech front so far at CES 2021:


What would CES be without a plethora of robots trouncing around the show floor? Moflin turned virtual heads but not because it’s awesome but because it evokes the age-old question “Why?” Moflin is little more than a ball of fluff that purrs when you pet it. What else does it do? That’s about it.

In the more helpful robot department, Samsung showed off their assistant robots – Bot Care and Bot Handy – while others unveiled robot vacuums and even a robot scout to patrol your property.


The Impulse Neuro-Controller by Brink Bionics claims to significantly up your click response while gaming. The glove supposedly reads your electrical impulses just ahead of you actually clicking and takes care of the move for you, shaving off 80 milliseconds. This is a big deal in first-person shooters where that kind of time is the difference between winning or losing.

Elsewhere in the gaming world, Intel brought their newest line of Ryzen 5000 chips which are intended to significantly boost speeds.

Phones and Wearables

The LG Rollable is the company’s response to flexible and foldable screens. For those who’ve been paying attention, especially to earlier years at CES, LG has successfully “rolled out” their rollable TV screens. Now they’re taking that tech and putting it in a smartphone. LG says we should see the Rollable hit the shelves this year.

The Mudra Band is not so much a wearable as it is an accessory for the Apple Watch. This little guy enhances gesture controls and allows you to interact with your Watch without actually touching the screen. It’s pretty surreal that technology like this exists. By detecting your brain signals it allows you to make a few gestures to type texts and perform other actions.

Despite not having an in-person audience, CES 2021 has brought it this year just as they have in years past.