Connect Faster Than Ever Before via NetIX

Tech Report

Not a day goes by where we don’t find ourselves needing to use the internet for one thing or another. Whether it’s personal or for work, the internet plays a vital role in our lives.

That being said, when the speed of your internet slows down to a crawl, it can be irritating, to say the least.

NetIX is here to solve that problem with its next-generation network.

NetIX provides what can only be described as the ethernet expressway. It’s designed to accelerate the internet and connect content creators with users faster and more directly.

By bypassing traditionally traveled routes through “crosstown traffic” of the global internet, they shorten the route of traffic by an impressive 30%.

This Carrier Class Ethernet platform works to connect global members without the need for intermediary networks, not only lowering latency but making the whole operation much more cost-effective.

That means internet service providers, broadcasters, telecoms operators and content delivery networks can significantly lower their bandwidth costs and communicate across their network with cost-effective ease.

NetIX has over 140 members across the world in Brazil, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, the UK, and the US.

So if you’re an Internet Service Provider or a network operator, get NetIX connected today by visiting their website at