Receive Content-Level Insight Across an Entire Enterprise with Classify360

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Data is the backbone of any business, especially in a digital age, so being able to quickly access and ensure the security of that data is of paramount importance.

This is only possible with a robust tool like Classify360.

Classify360 is a universal information engine spanning on-premise and cloud sources, providing content-level insight across the entire enterprise.

Data is indexed behind the firewall, eliminating the risk and cost burden of creating a vulnerable copy.

Classify 360

Machine learning is then leveraged to provide real-time insights into the characteristics of data, enabling actionable workflows.

In other words, they are providing an easy way for businesses to assess their data quickly and then apply the appropriate action to that data.

Not only does this system mitigate the risk of a breach, but in the unlikely event that a breach does occur, Classify360 saves money and time by ensuring the most vulnerable data is least likely to be impacted by a breach.

Classify360 allows corporations to follow regulations with regard to their data. The healthcare industry, for example, can easily identify, label, and secure sensitive patient information and purge their system of data after a certain number of years.

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