Easily Manage Your AWS Security with LDAPtive by Intelligent Discovery

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If your company is a user of Amazon Web Services or AWS, you are likely vulnerable and exposed to data leaks, hackers, and open backdoors from unsecured account configurations or development instances.

AWS operates under the “shared responsibility model”, meaning you need to make sure your AWS environment is secure.

And that’s where a tool like LDAptive by Intelligent Discovery by LDAPtive comes in.

Intelligent Discovery helps you manage your AWS infrastructure and validate your security posture across 5 industry standard frameworks to quickly identify any threats or vulnerabilities, while also offering means for solving those threats and, even more importantly, saving you money in usage hours.

With Intelligent Discovery, you have a four-pronged approach. First, you stay ahead of the attackers and identify, resolve, and mitigate digital threats proactively.

Second, you have a consistent and frequent log of your inventory across all accounts and regions in a consolidated interface.

Third, you have routine updates to remain HIPPA, GDPR, and NIST compliant.

And finally, you can proactively consolidate and reduce usage and costs across your environment and save your company significantly.

In other words, Intelligent Discovery is the solution you need if you’re an AWS client.

So if you want to keep your company secure while reducing overhead, visit intelligentdiscovery.io today.