Free Up Your Hands and Keep Loose Items Secure During Travel with BindBuddy

Consumer Update

Many of us who are about that on-the-go lifestyle rely on backpacks, handbags, and such to carry our essentials. But sometimes items like jackets, sweaters, and yoga mats end up wedged between the straps of our bag, or worse, in our hands. That’s a recipe for lost items or an obnoxious commute.

Free up your hands and keep your soft essentials readily accessible with the BindBuddy.
BindBuddy is a simple device that easily attaches to any bag strap, keeping your loose items secure during your travels.


Instead of tying your jacket or sweater to your bag strap or carrying it in your hands,
simply clip the BindBuddy to your bag and stop worrying about it.

Whenever you need it, it’ll be right there waiting for you.

Lightweight and durable with a nylon strap, this convenient device is perfect for even the bulkiest of items. That includes everything from heavy beach towels to oversized winter jackets.

So, if you’re tired of carrying your jacket on your commute or other soft items while you travel, invest in a BindBuddy to free up your hands.

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