Build Technical Skills Through Gamified Solutions with keySkillset

Biz Report

Training and educating your employees is a vital part of creating and maintaining a thriving business. But factoring live training or other similar means of education into the budget or the schedule isn’t always possible.

That’s when businesses turn to keySkillset.

This muscle memory building educational platform was designed to increase efficiency and speed in vital organizational tools like Excel, Powerpoint, Financial Modeling, and even coding for working with large sets of data.

It does this quite well thanks to a reliance on gamification to engage and motivate employees.

keySkillset’s gamified eLearning format allows employees to play online educational games at their own speed, providing kudos and progress tracking along the way.

And for extra incentive, employees can play against other colleagues for some friendly competition.

Speed, efficiency, and studied content are all measured and appraised in real-time for each employee, and an easy-to-read report is generated for quick assessment.

You can discover more about keySkillset and how to implement this unique educational platform in your business, by going to today.