The Next-Generation Survey Tool for Both Customers and Employees Is Macorva

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Are you tired of investing valuable time and resources in surveys that fail to shine any real light on what actions you should take next, leaving you guessing rather than knowing? We feel your pain.

Get the data you need to make meaningful changes in your company with Macorva.

This next-gen survey tool allows customers and employees to provide insightful and detailed feedback anonymously.

This requires next to no effort on the part of managers or even those providing feedback. Employees start with a link that will direct them to their own internal survey.

Customers receive a survey link to give feedback on their own experiences via email, text, or QR code.

A simple survey replaces a lengthy form. Tappable attributes make it easy to provide details without entering in text.

This allows the survey taker to rate and describe experiences with people at your company, helping you measure each person’s impact with ease.

With Macorva, everyone benefits from actionable feedback trends.

Bridge the gap between feedback and action today by visiting