Securely Scale Video and Software Distribution Across Your Network with Kollective

Tech Report

Maintaining and coordinating communication in large companies with thousands of employees is a tall order.

That’s why more and more companies are using Kollective.

The use of enterprise communication tools has seen a dramatic increase since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where large gatherings and meetings in physical halls and auditoriums were once possible, we’re now seeing a need for individually streamed online gatherings.


And so, a robust video distribution solution like Kollective that can handle that kind of traffic is essential.

Most enterprise networks simply don’t have the bandwidth to stream live video at scale, resulting in major buffering and quality issues.

Kollective’s enterprise content delivery network layers on top of your existing network, significantly improving video quality, without the need for hardware or infrastructure upgrades.

By using browser-based peering technology, they can offload up to 99% of the required bandwidth. It’s not only the best way to optimize your network for video but the simplest and the fastest.

In just a few clicks your enterprise network will be ready to deliver live video at scale.

No matter how large your company is, Kollective is up to the task. Get started today by heading on over to