Eliminate Limescale and Calcium Buildup in Your Pipes with NaturalSof

Consumer Update

Water is the basic building block of our bodies and so it goes without saying it plays an essential role in our health. The problem is the water that runs through your pipes at home contains calcium which results in hard water and limescale buildup. But while limescale wreaks havoc on your water heater and faucets, calcium is actually a beneficial mineral.

The solution that will help prevent this problem is NaturalSof.

This natural water conditioner is unique in that it doesn’t remove the beneficial minerals in your water that cause water hardness.

Some of these properties, like calcium and magnesium, are important and shouldn’t simply be removed.

Instead, NaturalSof uses the natural properties of calcium carbonate to change it into a soft, non-bonding calcium crystal preventing it from sticking to surfaces and forming limescale in appliances or heaters. These healthy, consumable crystals will simply pass harmlessly through your fixtures and appliances as they should.

While it doesn’t remove anything, it also doesn’t add anything to your water. That means healthier water with no added salt and no added chemicals while protecting your appliances from limescale.

In contrast to typical water softeners, NaturalSof doesn’t require hundreds of dollars of yearly maintenance. It doesn’t even require electricity to operate. Installation is easy and affordable as well.

You’ll pay less to install NaturalSof than a competitive mid-tier softener. And you won’t have to touch it for another 10 years after it’s in place.

An affordable and natural alternative to water softeners that add salt to your water and waste water, NaturalSof is the best way to extend the life of your water heater and fixtures and ensure you’re still getting healthy water.

You can purchase a NaturalSof unit for your home or small business by heading on over to www.NaturalSof.com.