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With more than 2.6 billion users today, Facebook is one of the top social media apps today, alongside platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Due to this massive number, you will see a lot of different posts every day.

While it means that your posts and content will reach a lot of people, getting noticed may get difficult. It is not easy to gain significant traction that will meet your current posting objectives. You may require some tips and tricks to understand how the Facebook timeline algorithm works and enhance your posts so that they become viral and gain a significant following.

How do you go viral on Facebook?

Here are some ways that can help get your profile and posts viral on Facebook:


One post is not enough for it to become viral, especially in 2020. However, it is important that you start building a specific schedule on when you put out certain posts and inform your audiences on any new developments happening on your side.

Posting can be done according to your convenience – once a day, once a week, or even once a month. However, you need to establish this routine so that your audiences start to notice and appreciate the content that you are sharing. If you have more shares on your posts, the more likely it will go viral.

Utilizing Facebook Ads

Even today, Facebook witnesses new members pouring into its user database monthly. Hence, standing out in a crowd with normal techniques may not be easy. Ultimately, you may have to make use of some finances to gain the results that you are looking for.

Thankfully, you can make use of Facebook Ads; this feature will customize your posts to reach a target audience either by lifestyle, age, location, or any other trait. Facebook Ads is an upcoming trend that will generate more traffic, something that can be useful for creating a viral post.

While these ads may not attract a lot of Facebook likes, they do compel the target audience to comment and share your posts extensively and voluntarily. Facebook Ads are quite pocket-friendly and the returns are enormous.

Collaborate with similar content creators

It is quite difficult for a post to get viral organically unless you already have a huge following. Hence, most creators look for others that create the same type of content and then share each other’s posts. There is no harm in reaching out to them and asking them to share, comment, or like your posts.

However, the world works on the give-and-take policy. If they ask you for help, do so without any hesitation. Once the collaboration hits off, you will see that your posts will have more reach and engagement.

Nature of the posts

Businesses and individuals post different types of posts each day; however, this does not mean that all these posts get equal traction. Look into these posts and study what works with your target audiences and what does not.

Additionally, you can also study the posting pattern of other influencers or businesses so that you get the idea of the type of content they post, which ones have gone viral, and how you can tailor your posts in the same way. Always test out different types of posts to understand which one works best for your type of audience.

Target trending topics

Similar to the above, this also has to do with the type of content you post on your Facebook timeline. Apart from the fact that the post needs to be interesting, it should also be updated. This means that you need to look for trending topics and twist them in a way where you can make some original content out of it.

Sadly, Facebook has removed the ‘What’s Trending’ feature. You can, however, make use of other platforms like Twitter and Google for the highlights.

The benefit here is that if you take a trending topic and create a unique and original content out of it, you will work your way up the trend cycle. You will easily garner a lot of likes, views, comments, and shares.

Final thoughts

Apart from all these points mentioned above, you can also choose to buy Facebook page likes. Some developers provide you with pocket-friendly tools and programs where you can buy likes, shares, comments, and views on Facebook.

The Facebook algorithm works on user interaction. Hence, it is advised that you remain as authentic as you can so that your content remains more relatable and reliable, which will garner you a lot more interactions than you would have expected.