The Leader in Automotive Logistics Marketplace is Autosled

Tech Report

If you’ve ever moved a car – whether you’re in the business of moving cars or you moved cross-country – then you know it’s a cumbersome process, with a lot of room for mistakes, inefficiencies, and, if we’re being honest, headache.

Well, this isn’t true with Autosled.

A leader in the automotive logistics marketplace, Autosled leverages modern technology to efficiently move cars from point A to B.


Their platform is entirely digital, making it easier than ever for you to decide you want to make the trek to L.A. from D.C.

Better yet – their platform is completely free to users. All you have to do is log on, receive a custom quote, and send your vehicle to your next destination.

And, once you ship your vehicle, you can check up on it at any point with real-time GPS tracking, so you never have to guess where your vehicle is. But, if you ever have a question, you can contact their 24/7 support team.

So even though they’re fully digital and contactless, you can still get that one-on-one human support.

If you need to ship a vehicle in the U.S., head to and receive your free custom quote today.


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